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Forbes reports that the company is a global media company that covers entrepreneurship, investing, technology, business, and leadership.  It is a business magazine owned by Forbes, Inc. The journal publishes original articles bi-weekly on finance, industry, investing, and marketing subjects. In this blog, you will find the answer to the most asked question: “how to become a Forbes contributor

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How does an article on Forbes benefit you or your company?

Before you get started, let’s recap what Forbes is all about and why you should care about it. You should know the benefits that arise from an article on your company, even if you already see the value in such a placement. This is especially true when it comes to leveraging a successful placement effectively. Below are some benefits to consider:

  • Brand perception & reputation

One of the main selling points of public relations is the management of reputations. Globalization of pop culture and communications have made almost everyone aware of the prestigious Forbes Magazine at least once in their lives. Furthermore, major corporate brands, billionaires, and serious businesses seem to be associated with the brand. Therefore, even a small image of your company can greatly alter the perception of your brand value.

  • Market potential

We would lie if we said that every placement on Forbes or other high profile sites would automatically boost your sales. A good reputation almost always leads to more revenue, but a small mention is not likely to make a huge impact on your sales. Having said that, we’ve had many clients who have seen a huge spike in sales after their product or company has been mentioned in a Forbes article. There is a lot of potential, especially in the premium sector.

  • Providing new opportunities

Forbes is a daily read for many important decision-makers, including executives, investors, entrepreneurs, influencers, and influencers alike, because of its huge popularity among businesspeople. Ads targeting influential business people are often hard to reach by traditional means.

It is therefore much more likely for this clientele to pay attention to a media outlet that is reputable. Numerous clients told us that the placement they received helped them establish invaluable relationships and long-lasting business opportunities.

For instance, if you want to become a valuable speaker at business events, an appearance on Forbes can certainly help you convince the right people.

Based on what has been established, let’s examine how we can secure Forbes coverage. The magazine isn’t your everyday publication, yet following certain guidelines makes it quite straightforward.

Let us start by focusing on key aspects of making your publication-worthy enough to be featured. You can increase your chances of getting a feature in Forbes if you successfully prepare your story idea and overall pitch comprehensively

  • Choosing a topic

Prepare your pitch by deciding on a topic based on the general theme you want to cover. A lot of entrepreneurs want to appear as experts on certain topics. Determine the topic you are specializing in.

  • What is your story idea?

The next step is to develop your story idea. Consider these points when brainstorming your idea;

You should propose a timely story. There are a million out there to choose from. Do you have a reason for the media to tell your story now? Give value to other people. What do you have to say that will impact the lives of others? Think about the emotional impact. Are there aspects of your story that can surprise or shock people?

  • The next step will be your pitch

As soon as you have decided on your topic and story idea, you can develop your pitch. 

The first step is to visit the website of the publication you want to pitch. Check out the authors of any articles that are relevant to your expertise. You should approach them about the article. 

Begin your pitch in a friendly and welcoming manner. You should mention that you understand the content of the publication and have enjoyed some articles. By using a unique approach, you can make your pitch feel like a new initiative and not a copy and paste. 

Your brand should be explained in a few sentences as well as your credibility demonstrated by your clients’ results or if you were featured already in the media. Show your credibility by demonstrating that you really are an expert in your field.

Share your story ideas. Share a headline and a brief description of what you would cover in your story and be sure to consider suggesting other topics that are relevant to your expertise and say you’re open to suggestions. It is always best to be open to suggestions and input, even if they may not be necessary or important, or even if they are not relevant to your proposed publication.

Generically speaking,

For many, to get mentioned in Forbes and Business Insider or other big publications as mentioned before is a dream, but for only a few it becomes a reality. Reviewers receive numerous requests and entries daily; the majority of them aren’t worth their time, but only a few stand out.

The editors read a lot every day since they get innumerable submissions to read. One key to being noticed has to do with your ability to highlight something. Think about what excites editors and tailor your pitch accordingly. Publications such as these do receive content from larger organizations and external contributors. You should make a good showing on the market in order to gain traction.

Also, Journalists are the key to getting into the inner circle. Editors and journalists often attend various social events, and some publications hold regular events. Those visiting these places are searching for new ideas and for a new face. If not the high-profile editors, you might be able to contact journalists.

It’s also possible to explore the fact that a major factor that can help you on answering the question “how to get mentioned in Forbes” is by going through PR agencies. PR agencies keep in touch with journalists, as well as digital marketing agencies. Considering the journalists are the treasure hunters for publication, they get a lot of pitches and recommendations.

How to get your Company Featured in Forbes

Let’s face it, getting featured on Forbes and getting your company featured on Forbes involves pretty much the same thing. I will share with you how to get your company a Forbes feature by one of the straightforward methods listed above. Going into detail would make this article more than a book, so we also wrote a guide for creating a beautiful pitch.

Check out these bullet points if you don’t wish to read another in-depth article on pitching your company’s Ideas to a Forbes journalist

  • Make it personalized

This information is recommended because we need to create tailored pitches that are just right for each reporter.

  • Statistic information that is newsworthy

Solid data should be included in your pitches if available. The metrics could include metrics like the number of users, as well as product innovation and partnerships. Ensure your facts are actually worth the attention of your readers.

  • Keep it simple, don’t exaggerate

When you cannot back up your claim that you are the best, don’t claim to be the best. You want to present your company and yourself from the best point of view, but always remember to be humble.

  • Provide valuable insights

Regardless of whether your company is doing the kind of boring work no one is interested in, you can still leverage your expertise and knowledge about a particular niche. Offering journalists useful insights is often more appreciated than anything else.

Does Forbes allow guest posting?

In fact, yes. They do. Now let me guide you through what it’s like to be a Forbes Guest contributor and Forbes guest posting service. Contributing to Forbes as a Guest Contributor may not be what you think. Sure, you’re a regular contributor to Forbes. Yes, you gain a general amount of influence that comes with your website’s SEO rankings, social media followers, and reputation. Yes, you sound like a semi-successful person at cocktail parties.

These are some other truths, however:

  • You won’t be paid.

Forbes does not pay guest contributors. Forbes does not pay guest contributors. You write for Forbes without being paid. All the content you create is pro bono. Or, if you want to look at it another way, it’s done in exchange for the perks described above.

It is not for me to decide whether or not getting paid for your writing is important. As a writer, you have a very fine line to walk when you get the exposure of a major website, but in general, I value money and my time, so I find places where I can get paid to write.

Forbes Guest Contributor should not be your primary concern if you’re looking to pay the rent. On the other hand, if you’re a long-term player and can afford an article each week, I’d say go for it.

There is no connection whatsoever between this and Forbes’ coverage of staff writers and bloggers. Writers and bloggers are paid at different rates and are rewarded differently.

  •  Your weekly publication is once a week.

It is expected that Forbes guest contributors will publish once a week, though this may vary based on the arrangement. That’s one article per week that you don’t get paid for.

Forbes publication dates

The only thing an editor is sure to notice is if you don’t get your articles in on time. So make sure you love writing, and have the time.

  • You receive little assistance.

Forbes is more hands-off than most companies. In most cases, after getting the OK to write, you write on your own. You can usually choose the topics, write about them, upload them to WordPress, edit them, find images, and publish them.

Basically, the whole process. For up-and-coming writers, this may seem like a strange environment, but it is perfect for those who love to write and wish to gain exposure.

The positive side of this is that if you’re an extremely talented writer with a lot to say and a distinct voice you can write on Forbes, tweak it exactly as you like, and not have to answer to anyone. (You will have to alter your publication if you publish weird material, or you will be booted.)

You are already on the road to becoming a Forbes guest contributor if you don’t let the truth above phase you. Below, I’ll cover the major elements you need to meet in order to even be considered as a guest contributor. Furthermore, I’ll share with you a few simple things you can do to increase your chances.


A guest contributor’s experience as an online, published writer is the first and most important prerequisite for being picked up by Forbes. There is no need to be on several well-known websites (I’ll discuss this further below), but you do need a lot of content.

Owning a blog is one way to do this. Forbes wants more than just your words – they also want your audience to join you. Therefore, you should have an audience.

An example of other sites published

As part of the approval process, the backlink of content serves as a reference for your online presence.

Starting a blog a month before you try to get the contributor role and having four blog posts will not cut it. I know some top-tier USA services marketplaces that offer editorial backlinks from Forbes from editorial websites like NY times, pop sugar, etc.

Forbes is looking for a long-term commitment to writing that precedes their involvement, as they want to see if you can write continuously. On-time and consistently. If you write for them, you represent their brand, so they will only hire people who have shown they can do this for a considerable amount of time.

The types of content

  • If you consider the backlink of content, keep in mind that Forbes readers have a pretty specific area of interest. These topics include personal finance, stock market, business, technology, and occasionally lifestyle. This would most likely get you backlinks from Forbes.
  • It is likely that you will need to be squarely in one of these topics if you are a Guest Contributor who writes an article every week. Since editors expect you to contribute to them as well, your backlog of content should show that you have expertise in a given field and can regularly produce articles in that field.

Be careful about what you publish. Forbes does not want you to be published on all of the major blogs, which is a little bit of wisdom not often mentioned. Having its way, Forbes would bring on only the best writers, with audiences cultivated from their original blog.

As the writers wouldn’t have a presence on other websites, they would only be known for writing for Forbes.

One of the many reasons Forbes (and many other publications like it) invites Guest Contributors to their site is so that readers can read a specific writer’s work.

It creates less of a focused drive to visit Forbes if that person is also featured on Business Insider, Mashable, Inc., and Entrepreneur.

It is still possible to write for Forbes if you have some level of prominence at all these places, but if you are on that level, this article won’t apply.

Quoting on Forbes

Quoting on Forbes is also a major factor that makes you eligible to become a guest contributor on Forbes. You should make that much of an impact on one of the topics mentioned above. A Forbes writer might have interviewed you if you are a tech writer who has a large following of readers. Or, a Forbes writer might have quoted an article of yours.

Having friends on the inside can make all the difference when it comes to getting the guest contributor position. A recommendation or approval from someone who has already contributed to Forbes is not only a fantastic way to become quoted in Forbes, but it shows excellent faith on your part.

Forbes isn’t looking for writers, but it also doesn’t reject them. It is possible to get in if the right writer is available and the timing is right.

Guest contributors on the inside will get your name on a list, and then it’s just a matter of providing the right content.

Contacting a Forbes Guest Contributor

If you’re lucky, you already know someone who can help. In most cases, however, you don’t. Reading their posts on Forbes regularly is the best way to keep up with their work. Next, visit their personal blogs or other websites.

Become familiar with their work before starting to comment on it. Become a recognizable name to them. Once you’ve done this for a while, you can send them an email or comment with a link to an article that you wrote on a related topic and starts a dialogue.

By nature and profession, writers seek out other writers to learn from. If you become an accomplished writer, you’ll be able to get in touch with a current Forbes guest contributor, which will lead to your future there.

Getting Started

While considering those large concepts, you can also take a more direct approach to the issue. Here are a few suggestions that could work. If you do not have a bigger background as a writer, a connection, and quotes, you will have difficulty getting through.

The application form

Forbes created a Google Doc form to facilitate the process of becoming a guest contributor. The process is very simple. You will need to provide your name, website, expertise, and your “page” concept for Forbes, and examples of your work.

Application Process for Forbes guest posting services

Is it worth it to try it? It’s a shot in the dark, and who knows, it might work. Though I would not bet on it, unless Forbes has a big need for writers. 

Contribute to the Opinion Section

By first publishing your opinion in Forbes’ Opinion section, you can attempt to get a Guest Contributor spot. This may also be submitted via the email address.

Basically, you can submit any length of article that expresses your viewpoint on topics Forbes covers. It will be reviewed within five business days. Unless you hear something, you weren’t selected. You are also asked not to email again.

So, here’s another shot in the dark… It is a very open process, but you will need to submit a complete article that outlines the topic in a clear and articulate manner. Whenever you write a guest post, be sure your thoughts are unique, topical, incredibly well-written, and reference your expertise on the subject. The easier it will be for you to pitch for a guest contributor position if you can publish an opinion piece.

Now that you know how to get featured on Forbes, you need to learn how to utilize that feature. You can boost your professional profile and your business by getting your business featured in the press. Yet, just as with any important pitch, this one requires preparation and strategy, which many people don’t do. Stand out in the crowd by doing your research, telling an interesting story, and building a relationship built on trust.
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